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Black walnut cutting board - FR_BW_02

Black walnut cutting board - FR_BW_02

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A dark and elegant look with a striking core design, complemented by light details. It can be a decorative addition to your kitchen or table, and is also suitable as a serving platter.

Time to completion up to 7 working days. Custom sizes are available upon request.
The finished cutting board may differ slightly from the one shown in the picture due to the characteristics of wood.
SIZE: 35,5 cm long × 18 cm wide × 4,2 cm high (with anti-slip feet: 5,3 cm)
WEIGHT: 1,7 kg

The anti-slip feet, fixed to the underside of the board with stainless steel screws, make your work in the kitchen much easier, they stabilize the board and make the work process more hygienic by keeping it ventilated underneath.
These boards are more durable because the end grain solution enhances the wood’s self-healing properties. By working on end grain surfaces there will be marks made by knives, but these will continuously close up due to the cuts made alongside them, so less food residue will be deposited in the cuts and this solution will significantly preserve the edge and life of your knives, too.
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